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Discover unparalleled website care with Agicent App Company's specialized Website Maintenance Services. Our meticulous approach ensures peak performance, security, and seamless functionality. Trust us to fortify your digital presence, optimizing for sustained growth and a superior us

Get a fully managed website maintenance service package from Agicent starting at just $1900 monthly for various technologies like React.js, PHP, Laravel, Wordpress, Wix, webflow and simple html and so on. You get a dedicated account manager, and shared designer and testers along with the web developer at this price. You can also opt for other services like SEO, Digital Marketing in case needed.

Expert Website Maintenance Services from Agicent

Unlock the power of our Managed Web Maintenance services on a month on month basis. Starting at just $1900 per month , you'll have a dedicated Web maintenance developer, along with fractional Project Management, Design, and Testing experts working at your disposal. This team is your ideal launchpad for maintaining websites, doing regular enhancements, backups, and enjoying continuous development and delivery.

Our developers and teams adopt a holistic product development approach, and they go beyond just coding to crafting exceptional web products that users love. With a focus on user experience, convenience, and scalability, we offer expertise in UI/UX design, rigorous testing, scalability planning, and architectural excellence. Whether you engage us for a single Developer Web maintenance team or multiple devs, you’ll get best in class project management, user experience, and testing expertise attached.


Why Do You Even Need Web Maintenance Services?

Whether you are an Agency who is creating websites and maintaining them for your own clients (Non Tech businesses primarily) or you are a non tech/ tech business yourself having just your own website or have a landing page, you need website maintenance services in order to:

  • Keep your websites up and running smoothly with continuous performance enhancements in terms of the loading time, server load, UI/UX, integration with associated digital products and so on.
  • Keep them compliant with security practices and also for regular backups.
  • Keep them updated regularly with new content as well as features and functionality.
  • Migrate to new technology stacks i.e from wordpress to custom code or vice versa, from low code to custom code and so on.
  • To integrate commercial or marketing libraries and APIs on your website products, facilitating any marketing, analytical campaigns or simply for enhancing features (like adding a map library or payment gateway like Klarna to enable EMIs and so on).
  • To compliment the ongoing SEO and Paid marketing process.
  • Customizations and features enhancement of the Admin Panels of your website as well as for generating the reports.
  • Localization for different languages, regions, currencies, content.
  • To run websites in sync with your digital product line.
  • Sometimes, to create App replicas of your website.
  • All of above + continuous function and feature creation in case of E-commerce websites.
  • To keep ahead in the competition.


Scope of website maintenance services - What does web maintenance service entail?

Anyone who has a business or a practice or a brand is a website owner, however major entities that use our website maintenance services regularly are as follows:

Business/ Corporate Websites

Businesses having information/ lead generation websites built on a CMS like wordpress or wix or just custom code. They usually use websites to generate business leads and also to share information about their services/ products to others.

E-commerce Websites

for whom the website is the major critical component of their business because they get all the orders from there, it is their store front and has to run seamlessly all the time. E-com websites need a higher level of maintenance regularly compared to other sites.

Professionals websites

such as Doctors, Dentists, Coaches, lawyers, chiropractors, makeup artists, Chefs, DJs who get bookings on their websites.

Functional Web Apps or SaaS apps

Functional web applications similar to mobile apps which not only offer information but also functionality and features like a hotel booking website, flight booking website and so on. They obviously need a real high level of maintenance regularly compared to regular biz websites, and for such web apps maintenance and development we recommend using our full stack web development and maintenance services.

E-learning websites

We can keep these into the category of the functional web apps or SaaS only though we’re mentioning these separately considering their very “nice” nature and technology demand. They too need more maintenance than regular informative/ lead capturing websites

Event websites

We have managed Event organisers websites like Jazz London Online that puts the event schedules and sell tickets.

App’s Landing page websites

Usually the websites describing the app’s functionality with videos and screenshots, also a blog and may be a subscription option too. Examples are Fastrackfasting, Hasfit, and Studiothinkapp.

Roles of Professionals in Our Website Maintenance Service Team

Lead Website Developer

  • Coding and integration with captive or third-party APIs.
  • Unit testing, code version control, and code logging..
  • Build compilation for test and production environments.
  • Research to find and implement solutions aligning with business requirements.
  • Progress tracking and reporting using project management tools like Trello or Jira.
  • Coordination with the Business Analyst and the client.
  • Regular backup and security checks on the software.
  • Creation and maintenance of project documentation.

Role of the Web Business Analyst/Project Manager

  • Conducting discovery sessions and requirements gathering.
  • Formulating a comprehensive scope of work for the development team.
  • Creating Minimum Expectations Criteria based on user needs.
  • Coordination with the development team for efficient task allocation.
  • Transparent reporting on project progress and challenges.
  • Facilitating communication between stakeholders and the development team.
  • Ensuring seamless workflow and client satisfaction.

Role of the Web UI/UX Designer

  • Translating requirements into high-fidelity UI/UX designs.
  • Developing clickable prototypes for visual representation.
  • Ensuring design elements align with desired user experiences.
  • Collaboration with the development team for seamless integration.
  • Utilizing visualization tools for efficient design communication.
  • Iterative improvement based on user feedback and testing results.

Role of the Tech Lead

  • Overseeing the entire development lifecycle.
  • Managing coding standards and technical aspects.
  • Providing guidance to the development team.
  • Ensuring efficient use of technology and tools.
  • Addressing technical challenges and implementing solutions.
  • Collaborating with the project manager for strategic planning.
  • Continuous improvement of development processes.

Role of the Web Tester

  • Conducting rigorous testing for functionality and user experience.
  • Identifying and reporting any issues or bugs.
  • Collaborating with the development team for issue resolution.
  • Ensuring compatibility across different devices and browsers.
  • Utilizing testing tools like Selenium for automated testing.
  • Participating in the continuous improvement of testing processes.
  • Documenting testing procedures and results.

Apart from these skills, we’ll also use side skills whenever needed like SEO Analyst, Content Writer/ Copywriter, Ad experts, DevOps.

Limitation Of Website Maintenance Services

Like anything else in the world, website maintenance services too have some limitations like these:

Cost Constraints

Website maintenance can be financially demanding, leading to potential limitations in the frequency and depth of upkeep activities due to budget constraints.

Downtime Due to Server and Hosting Maintenance

Temporary downtime during updates poses a challenge, impacting the user experience and potentially causing frustration or business loss.

Dependency On Third-Party Providers

Relying on third-party plugins introduces dependencies that can lead to vulnerabilities or compatibility issues, affecting the overall stability of the website.

Limited Scalability Of Framework Based Websites.

As websites grow, the scalability of maintenance efforts becomes a challenge in cae of framework based websites (like wordpress, wix) and they require more complex and resource intensive process. When websites grow, it is always better to switch to as much custom code for easy scalability as you can.

Security Risks

The constant need for vigilance against emerging security threats is resource-intensive, and failure to address vulnerabilities promptly can compromise website security.

Resource Intensity

Website maintenance can be resource-intensive, requiring skilled personnel and time, which may pose challenges for some organizations.

Technical Challenges

Adapting to evolving technologies and ensuring compatibility may present technical challenges, especially for older websites.

Limited Automation

Some maintenance tasks lack automation, leading to manual interventions that can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Balancing Speed and Quality

Striking the right balance between quick updates and thorough testing is crucial, as rushed updates may introduce errors, while cautious approaches may delay important improvements.

Content Management Challenges

Managing and updating content effectively can be challenging, with inconsistencies potentially affecting SEO, user experience, and the relevance of the website.

Significant changes to website design or structure may disrupt user familiarity, impacting engagement and potentially causing resistance to new features or layouts.