the two came together to Dior Sneakers launch a creative agency

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the two came together to Dior Sneakers launch a creative agency at

The most popular trends of 2024 are undeniably elegant but with personality. You won't find any sterile, straight-out-of-a-showroom trends here. In addition to running her ready-to-wear line Rangel, Isabela Grutman advises on the creative side of the hospitality business to oversee the aesthetic and experience of the venues. Mantilla and Teixeira launched Éliou five years ago with the goal of creating jewelry and now clothing that "capture the lingering feeling of summer an extension of what it feels like living in Miami and Teixeira's time in Brazil." Mantilla grew up in Key Biscayne, a small island next to Miami, and Teixeira hails from Rio de Janeiro, but the two came together to Dior Sneakers launch a creative agency to fill the void of creative talent in Miami before starting their endeavor with Éliou.Sofia Tcherassi is the director of ready-to-wear at Silvia Tcherassi, the brand started by her mother Silvia and grandmother Vera 30 years ago. With fresh eyes, I dared to re-watch the series from a healing girl perspective, and was surprised to find deep parity with Molly that ultimately helped me see and empathize with my own beautifully complex journey more. When Insecure debuted in the fall of 2016, the series revolutionized television as HBO's first show created by and starring a Black woman. The embroidered Dior Oblique shoulder strap is a unique accessory that allows the customization of certain House bags. The style features a graphic and iconic design, a mix of embroidery and engraved medallions with a Christian Dior Paris signature at the center while both sides are framed by blue calfskin. I don't think I'll ever be able to understand how they can manage to make it through security and trek across the terminal while wearing high stilettos.Sure, the shoe style is undeniably flattering and makes even a pair of sweats look elevated Rihanna can attest, but I just can't imagine that wearing a pair of four-inch or higher heels is worth the potential pain. Certainly not when I realize how many shoe alternatives there are that are equally as stylish and 10 times more comfortable to wear to the airport.Now that we've covered what not to wear to the airport, it's time for you to discover the shoes that make me smile from ear to ear when I see them. In the It-item world we live in, it's quite refreshing to encounter pieces that are true investments and by true investments, we mean Chanel flap bags, Gucci loafers, Goyard totes, Manolo Blahnik pumps, and those trusty Louis Vuitton duffle bags you always see celebs toting around at the airport. Speaking of which…If we had a dollar for every stylish woman we saw carrying a Louis Vuitton duffle at the airport over the years, we'd have enough money to buy a Louis Vuitton duffle of our own.