Problem Solving Strategies for Education

Solving any problems related to money, customer billing, accounting and bookkeeping, etc. Finding a way to make the company more profitable through new service or product offerings, new pricing ideas, promotion and sale ideas, etc.

 To find a number of different algorithms being combined to create a larger algorithm with a distinct purpose continuing on we come up to the next strategy which is to identify the root cause the root cause strategy aims to identify the main factor that is the cause of the problem besides the root cause there are also additional causes which are not responsible for the cause of the problem learners must differentiate the mean cause from additional causes that is often what you see automobile mechanics doing good doctors attack the root cause not just a simple root cause analysis focuses on identifying the sequence specifically where the sequence originates and that goes for the medical field as well all right now I'm going to take a short break ask that you hit that like button don't forget to subscribe to this channel.Avail:business decision making assignment service

 And check the description for links to resources on problem solving so back to the next problem solving strategy which is self-talk talking to oneself about the problem steps to solve the problem and what the solve problem will look like this self explained strategy is tied to critical thinking research has shown that critical thinking is aided by self talking yourself through a problem when attempting to solve a difficult problem it's like you get stuck at one point and it's recommended for learners to use the self talk strategy at that point this strategy allows learners to realise that which they do not know with more strategies coming the next one up is brainstorming brainstorming is the process of collecting a large number of ideas and solutions until the optimum choice is found in whole-class brainstorming approach it's important that there isn't any judgment you want to get as many ideas out as possible person leading a brainstorming session to create a warm and friendly environment the session should conclude on its own usually when someone will come up with a mutually agreeable idea the next problem solving strategy is to use analogies analogies are used to get creative ideas by comparing similar problems analogies are described as abstract parallels between two different things for example settling for a field goal than football may be similar to settling a case for a lawyer using analogies as a problem-solving strategy may occur by the transfer of skills not just ideas..

Also if a learner used a particular way to solve a similar problem if they draw an analogy between the two they might be able to use the same method to solve a different or current problem Ponta the seventh problem-solving strategy using visual imagery mental visualizations can help facilitate problem-solving the first benefit of visual imagery is that it will aid in memory retrieval the visualization make you the brain to remember relevant and useful information to solve the problem the most common way to use visual imagery is to draw the diagram drawing out a diagram gives the learner is a different look at a perspective that can positively impact the way the problem is solved drawing a diagram is great for learners with above-average spatial recognition the next problem-solving strategies to work backwards to solve the problem working backwards simply means working in Reverse one step at a time to the initiation stage of the problem in mathematics teachers should encourage students to use this strategy for word problems and other types of problems another example of a time where working backwards is an optimal method is to finishing a maze in the business world backwards thinking is sometimes used as a mean to focus on customer needs. READ ABOUT:cv writing service in canada

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