Terravisia is a far more family-friendly drama than fantasy

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Jesse Aarons is a quiet fifth grade boy picked at school

With its exotic titles, popular literary origins, New Zealand-based productions, and fantasy-filled promotions, Bridge to Terabithia is an earlier collaboration between Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media, a 2005 box-office hit bridge to terabithia review . The Chronicles of Narnia: Lions, Witches and cabinets. However, appearances can be deceived and no one who has seen both movies will confuse them.

Based on the 1977 Newbery Medal-winning novel by Katherine Paterson, Terravisia is a far more family-friendly drama than fantasy, and the fact that the film's marketing campaign deliberately left it unmentioned. Set in an unspecified small American town
The film centers on Jesse Aarons (Zathura's Josh Hutcherson). Jesse Aarons is a quiet fifth grade boy picked at school and left at home among four sisters. As he starts another grade, Jess faces new threats from new classmates, new neighbors, and his title of "fastest kid in school." All of the above roles are Leslie Burke (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Annasophia Robb and Winn-Dixie Walden), a smart blonde girl who falls into the same "outsider" status that Jess has had for many years.

Beyond similar passions and shared bus stops, Jess and Leslie become friends. Their relationship is inspiring. They're too young for romance, too old for capricious playdate rotations, and so lonely they don't need each other. During many afternoons in the woods, Leslie and Jess use their vibrant imaginations to regularly participate in Leslie's school essays and the paintings in Jess's private notebook, especially the ferocious rodents. They create Terravisia, a wondrous land inhabited by dentists and impressive giants.

A school teacher with a reputation for disciplinary action was shocked to reach out to Jess at a time when adult sympathy was sorely needed. Being bold when Leslie claimed the painting of her, he accepted an invitation from music teacher Miss Edmans (Zooey Deschanel) to go to the museum with her. In each of these situations, Jess's imagination expands in ways that were not possible before visiting Terravisia.

Leslie tells Jess, "Close your eyes and keep your heart wide open." Many strange and enlightening things can happen when imagination runs free in our lives! It takes us to new thresholds of potential and creativity.

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