Too much use of time travel will cost Animal Crossing Bells a lot

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Reasonable use of time travel might earn you ACNH Bells or ACNH Items. Overuse of time travel can do more harm than good.

There are pros and cons to enabling time travel. According to the survey of Nintendo Switch player data, the majority of players agree to use time travel. After all, time travel in Animal Crossing is a great way to speed up the process or go back to any vacation the player missed. According to the rules of the game, players can easily start time travel and ignore the side effects of the game. Before enjoying time travel, we players need to purchase the Golden Tool Set in advance. Buy Animal Crossing NMT will play an important role. Golden Axe can cut down trees to obtain materials. Golden Rod can catch rare fish. Golden Shovel can excavate fossils and more. Players can easily time travel in ACNH by saving and closing the game, changing the date on the Nintendo Switch in settings, and reopening the game.


Animal Crossing New Horizons has been out for more than two years. Players spend a lot of time going to the night island setting. Tom Nook only allows players to build one infrastructure item per day and move only one building per day. This can take up a lot of time if the player is redesigning their entire island. This is where ACNH time travel comes in.


A community player commented that selling turnips is the best way to get ACNH Bells. Every Sunday, Daisy Mae comes to sell turnips to players in Animal Crossing New Horizons. These radishes are bought and sold at different prices. In the activity of selling radishes, players need to obtain radishes at the lowest price and sell radishes at the highest price to earn the middle price difference. When you want to buy Robbie, you need to find Daisy Mae wandering around your island. To sell turnips, go to Nook's Cranny and choose to sell ACNH Items.


With excessive time travel, the radish purchased by the player will spoil. Spoiled radishes are worthless. Many players, even without time travel, forget to sell their turnips and end up losing Animal Crossing Bells. This will hit the player hard. Animal Crossing New Thing players are not limited to using time travel. Before using it, players need to take some risks. If you're attentive enough to face the desired outcome of saving time and getting work done, it's worth taking advantage of time travel to make a ton of ACNH Bells.


The biggest side effect of time travel for players is that the island will be full of weeds. In severe cases, the island level will be lowered, and the cutest villagers will move away from the island. Once this happens, it becomes more serious. The island upgrade requires players to gradually improve the island settings. This process requires players to spend a lot of ACNH Bells. Multiple Nook Miles Tickets are also consumed to invite favorite animal villagers. Calculate the gain and loss, this is the worst result. In this case, the island can only be restored to its original appearance from Acbellsbuy Buy ACNH NMT, Buy Nook Miles Tickets, Golden Tool Set, Gold-Rose Plant, Mushroom Theme, etc.