Valve Positioner Market Share, Size, Future Demand, and Emerging Trends

In this scenario, it is significant to produce better products at lower prices. Predictive maintenance can help in managing costly assets and decrease total ownership cost, thus decreasing overall costs.

In the world of today, every industry is finding out ways for bringing the finest products in the market, and that too at a most competitive prices, without compromising on the quality. 

The appropriate flow control of compressed air or speciality chemicals or gas is a significant aspect where an increase or decrease of even 0.5 bar pressure would incur considerable financial losses. Appropriate valve positioning can support in addressing these issues.

Smart positioners are swifter, efficient and cost effective, regarding accurate control as opposed to the conventional valve positioner. With the beginning of proactive maintenance and smart manufacturing, the smart valve positioner is becoming more and more popular with every passing day.

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Addresses Various Process Needs

Smart positioners offer more than a few avenues of adjustment for optimizing performance of the control valve:

• Control action: Reverse or direct direction can be chosen for at the valve level which needs no changes in DCS or DDC

• Alteration of valve response is likely as per the requirement of the process

• Valve operation according to application, can be chosen and configured at the positioned, and

• The possibility of setting valve travel limit in case of oversize valves for safety needs.

Reaching to a Conclusion

It is because of the numerous tech advancements promoting the usage of IoT for industrial needs, the valve positioner is on the way of growth and the value will reach USD 2,783 million by the end of this decade.



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