The sci-fi, first-person shooter that has had endless

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Companion Apps for games are like a second screen to manage resources and view maps while away from your PC or even while playing to utilize special features FIFA 23 coins. While more trendy companion apps frequently lose service after a year or two some have kept the community informed and engaged without fail.

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Although some developers push companion apps that barely work and lose support after a few months, looking at you Pip-Boy, the best, official apps give you access to in-game information and character management without having to be at your computer or console.

10 Destiny 2
The sci-fi, first-person shooter that has had endless support and new expansions every year, Destiny 2 has an app that is mostly unknown to the players but is surprisingly useful. While not strictly classified as an MMO, the app transfers these community features to mobile.

The app is called Destiny 2 Companion and allows you to keep up with news regarding Destiny 2 as well as manage your guardian's equipment, stats, and perks, and even move items from one guardian to another through the app. You can also use it to keep track of your clan and send messages and in-game you can even use it to join and create fireteams.

9 Black Desert Online
Black Desert Online is a Korean MMO that focuses on cinematic action combat in a fantasy world. Like all MMOs, keeping track of every update and world schedule can be tedious and feel like work, but the app is designed to manage those aspects from anywhere.

The companion app is called Black Desert+ and serves mostly as a forum for players to ask questions and keep in touch with their guild, and a way to keep up with news. As a gaming tool cheap FUT 23 coins, you can keep track of world events like boss schedules and even trade items through the in-game central market.


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