Login Issues And Its Solutions

sometimes login issues can be device-specific. To avoid it, try using a different device to log in to, and fix the problem of your device. came into the race in 2016, with its rich features it provides one of the biggest selections of cryptocurrency in the crypto industry. allows its users to earn staking rewards on more than 20 coins. This exchange also offers its users free bank transfer facilities that provide a big benefit to every user. continuously reduces its trading fees, and now it is popular as the industry leader when it comes to cost. The best thing about is that it provides educational material for new traders who have no idea about digital assets and cryptocurrency investment. 

Their idea about education material attracts beginners to easily get help to understand the investment and how to use safely. Unlike other doesn’t offer any phone support as a part of customer care service, instead on phone calls you will have to rely on the help center for your query. In the coming blog, we will discuss the Login issues  and its solution. 

Common Login issues and its solutions

There can be various reasons for showing Login issues. If you are one of them who is facing issues logging into your account and looking for a solution, I would recommend you follow the steps mentioned below. These steps will help you to log into your account easily. 

  1. Check your internet connection – IF you are logging into your exchange but it's showing an error, check your internet connection once sometimes due to a weak connection it shows an issue during login. 
  2. Using VPN – If you are using any VPN software or any such program on your device that hides your existence then will show issues during login. To solve this do not use any VPN app during login. 
  3. Verify login credential – During login into your please check your login credential once, to see if you entered the right password or username or not. Because a small spelling or number mistake can create login issues. 
  4. Clear browser Cache and Cookies - thousands of users are using Windows to access, but they do not clear their browser cache and cookies that create sometimes login issues. To avoid this always clear your browser cache and cookies. 
  5. Update app – If you are using the mobile app and facing issues logging into your account, check whether your app is updated or not. If you have not updated the app then update it to avoid login issues. 
  6. Forgot password – If you forgot your password and facing issues during login, you can click on the “forgot password” option. After that browse your email that is aligned with your, and you will get a link to reset your password and make another one. 
  7. Try a different device – Sometimes login issues can be device-specific. To avoid it, try using a different device to log in to, and fix the problem of your device. 
  8. Re-install The app – If you have tried everything but still showing an error during login to your, then re-install your app and log in again. 

These were some of the common Login issues   and their solutions.


Conclusion is one of the affordable platforms for every trader. With its low trading fee, it has become one of the most popular trading platforms among users. Currently, has more than 250 coins for sale including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, BNB, and USD coins, and many others. It is one of the best platforms for beginners who are looking to start their trading safely. 


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