Philippines Charcoal Market Analysis by Trends, Size, Share, Growth Opportunities, and Emerging Technologies

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Charcoal is also used for the production of activated charcoal.

Talking about charcoal, it can be easily said that it belongs to the carbon family and very well resembles to coal. So, much so that it is fairly hard to differentiate between the two. The uses of coal and charcoal are also somewhat similar, but charcoal gives out low emissions as compared to coal. Governments around the globe are focusing more and more on decreasing the emissions from fuels, so charcoal has all the potential of replacing coal, as a domestic fuel, at least.

If we talk about the use of charcoal in the Philippines, it is used as a low-cost domestic fuel.

There is no doubt that the combustion of the same produces a lot of emissions, but the affordability of charcoal as a fuel propels the people of the country to continue using it in their day-to-day life.

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Used for the Production of Activated Charcoal

It is used in various beauty and cosmetic products, as it helps to remove all the impurities from the skin, and also comes good for the exfoliation of the skin. It is also use in toothpastes to give a pearl white-shine to the teeth

Not only that, activated charcoal also comes in handy for the purification of water and hence used in various water-filtration systems.

Due to all these uses of charcoal in Philippines, the demand for the same will continue to increase, and will reach a value of USD 688.2 million by the end of this decade.