Types of anonymous proxies

HTTP is a fairly well-known type of proxy exploited for browsing portals.

Of course, proxy servers have become essential tools for Internet privacy. Proxies work as a kind of intermediary between people and the Internet, allowing them to log into portals incognito and access restricted content. However, not all proxies are alike. In this publication, we will take a look at the different types of proxy servers, their unique features and pros. You can buy fast proxy servers at Fineproxy.

HTTP is a fairly well-known type of proxy exploited for browsing portals. These proxies can act as intermediaries between the web surfer's device and the portals he visits. These proxies usually handle web traffic and have the ability to filter and redirect requests. Proxies are widely used to bypass site restrictions, optimize page loading speeds and provide anonymity by hiding the user's address.

HTTPS proxies act similarly to their HTTP counterparts, but have an extra level of security. They create a special encryption between a person's device and the portals he connects to, guaranteeing the safety of data sent over the connection. HTTPS proxies are particularly useful when accessing personal information such as online financial transactions or business correspondence, as proxies protect against potential spying and data interception.

SOCKS proxies function at a lower level, this makes SOCKS more versatile. They have the ability to pass through different types of Internet traffic, including email and other varieties. SOCKS solutions do not correct the information passing through them, which allows them to be used in programs that require a continuous connection, such as online movie theaters or file sharing. SOCKS provide the highest degree of anonymity and work for any channel.

Resident proxies are often used to collect information, test advertisements and access information with geographic limits. These proxies guarantee a high degree of anonymity and are less prone to proxy identification than other types.


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