The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Clothes Hanger

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Choosing the right hangers and clothes hangers for your wardrobe can make a big difference in keeping your clothes

Choosing the right hangers and clothes hangers for your wardrobe can make a big difference in keeping your clothes neat, wrinkle-free, and organized in your closet. With so many types of hangers available today, it can get overwhelming trying to figure out which ones are best for your needs. This ultimate guide covers everything you need to know about selecting the perfect clothes hangers for your clothes and closet.

Hanger Materials Matter

When it comes to hangers, the materials they are made from impact durability, functionality and budget. Plastic hangers are widely available and inexpensive but can leave bumps on delicate fabrics. Wooden hangers with a gloss or matte finish are classic choices, sliding easily along closet rods without snagging clothes. Metal hangers like aluminum, steel or wrought iron offer smooth, non-slip surfaces at affordable prices but may show wear over time. Velvet and ribbed plastic prevent slippery garments from falling but can relax their grip long-term.

Evaluate Hanger Shape Based on Garments

An ideal hanger correctly supports the garment’s shape. For dresses and blouses, contoured hangers mimic sloped shoulder lines preventing neck gaps or misshaping. Broad-shouldered wooden suit hangers maintain structure for jackets, distributing weight evenly across both sides. Use specialty shirt hangers with ribbed or capped ends to grip loose knits snugly without stretching fabric. Try clip-style skirt and trousers hangers to allow hem creases and pleats to hang smoothly.

Consider Weight Bearing Capabilities

Since not all clothes weigh the same, hangers must support each garment’s fiber density. Light and silky camisoles require slim non-slip plastic hangers to prevent strap slippage without excess bulk stretching out necklines. Everyday cotton tees and denim hang sufficiently suspended from simple wooden hangers. Heavy knit sweaters and wool coats need cedar hangers with higher weight capacities across the shoulder bar to maintain form.

Evaluate Durability Over Time

For long lasting daily usage, opt for hangers made using solid hardwoods like maple, oak or mahogany which resist splintering and can withstand reasonable bending. Chrome metal hangers offer exceptional sturdiness but plastic versionsdeform over time under heavy garment loads. Wire hangers may rust or bend out of shape despite affordable price points. When possible, touching up with clear coat finishes restores solid wood and metal hangers to optimal condition.

Consider Specialty Hangers By Garment Type

The optimal hanger extends beyond a basic triangle for specialty items needing extra support. Shop options like non-slip satin lingerie hangers, grippy rubber accessory hangers securing belts/ties tightly and caped hangers protecting delicate outerwear materials. Suspension hangers borrowed from construction utilize cables, clips and poles to smoothly display exceptionally long dresses. Evaluate specialty hangers for expensive, custom-made or extra weighted pieces needing unique accommodation.

Analyze Space Limitations

The quantity of hangers sustainable for your closet depends on overall space available. Measure rod length and ceiling clearance to calculate linear and vertical capacity dimensions. Slimmer profile plastic, wood or metallic hangers maximize horizontal capacity compared to wider options. For soaring but narrow wardrobes, consider specialty hangers lifting clothes vertically via ceiling pulley systems. Also analyze shelving and drawers bordering the closet area which could supplement additional storage.

By evaluating your wardrobe contents, available space and quality preferences, you can determine ideal hanger choices catering to your needs. Use these tips when hanger shopping or upgrading existing selections over time. Investing in hangers correctly sized and shaped for your personal closet and clothing collection keeps everything neat, accessible and wrinkle-free season after season. Get ready to organize with perfectly personalized hangers!

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