Pump Jack Market Share, Size, Future Demand, and Emerging Trends

A pump jack is a device that helps you with the process of extracting crude oil from a well of oil.

Pump jacks are considered as an essential mechanism of the oil industry. If one is thinking about the installation of pump jack, it is vital to come to terms with the working of these machines and why they need to be included in your operations. In this blog, you will get all the info about the pump jacks.

How does a pump jack work?

Pump jacks make an artificial lift for transporting of the crude oil to the surface. They have a long beam rising and falling in the oil well. A series of rods is attached at the beam’s end dipping in and out of the well with the movement of the beam. These rods are linked to a sucker rod pump also. As there is movement of these components, they act like a piston for increasing the pressure inside the well. This pressure transports the oil to the surface where all of it can be collected.

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What is a characteristic pumping rate for a pump jack?

Pump jack systems typically pump around 20 times per minute. For large oil fields, it is a common phenomenon to connect a number of pump jacks to attain faster, efficient oil collection.

Because of the increased use of pump jacks in oil extraction, there is no stopping the evolution of the demand for the same in the years to come around the world.


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