Mobile Power Bank Market Share Dynamics, Drivers, Opportunities, Competitive Scenario, Forecast to 2032

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Mobile Power Bank Market Share Dynamics, Drivers, Opportunities, Competitive Scenario, Forecast to 2032

Market Overview:

According to MRFR analysis, The mobile power bank market industry is projected to grow from USD 21.00 Billion in 2022 to USD 28.5 billion by 2030, exhibiting a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.50% during the forecast period (2022 - 2030). Today, smartphones have taken a significant role in almost everyone's daily life. These smartphones have cutting-edge hardware and strong operating systems like Android, Symbian, and iOS, which enable their users to multitask while playing games, using multimedia players for video calling and streaming, and staying connected to the outside world through high-speed internet services. Smartphones frequently drain their built-in, large-capacity batteries in order to provide these services. The idea of a portable power bank, such as the mobile power bank, which is a battery-charging device that allows the user to charge mobile devices anywhere and anytime, was developed by corporations to address the issue of battery inefficiency. The size of medium-sized electrical gadgets is that of mobile power banks.

To charge up small computer devices like smartphones and tablets, mobile power banks enable their users to store energy based on the power bank's capacity. The battery capacity of a portable power bank or mobile power bank determines how well it performs. These days, lithium-ion and lithium-polymer batteries are the most popular and widely utilised types in mobile power banks. Due to their higher energy density than conventional battery packs and low cost, lithium-ion batteries are in high demand, which is boosting the market's growth. In contrast, Li-polymer mobile power banks offer several advantages, including protective circuitry that ensures the safety of the electronic device and are highly customizable with respect to shape and size, making them an ideal product. They are also very lightweight and have a lower energy density than Li-ion.

Market Segmentation:

5000mAh, 5100-10400mAh and above 10400mA

Segmentation by Battery Type: Li-ion and Li-polymer

Segmentation by Power Bank Type: Portable, USB Plugin, Solar Chargers and Others

Segmentation by Number of Port: Single and Multiple Port

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Key Players:

The Key Players in Mobile Powerbank Market are Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.(South Korea), Sony Corporation(Japan), Microsoft Corp. (U.S.), Panasonic Corporation(Japan), Xiaomi Inc.(China), Apacer Technology, Inc.(Taiwan), Anker Technology Co. Limited(USA), Gold Peak Industries (Holdings), Ltd.(Hong Kong), Lenovo Group Ltd.(U.S.), PNY Technologies, Inc. (U.S.) The Targus Corporation (U.S.), OPPO Electronics Corp.(U.S.), ADATA Technology Co., Ltd.(Taiwan)


In today's fast-paced digital era, where smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, the need for reliable power sources on the go has skyrocketed. Mobile power banks have emerged as a solution, ensuring uninterrupted usage of our beloved devices. This blog will explore the dynamic landscape of the mobile power bank industry, highlighting its growth, key players, market trends, and future prospects.

Growing Demand and Market Trends:

The mobile power bank industry has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, fueled by the ever-increasing adoption of smartphones and other portable electronic devices. The rapid evolution of technology has led to devices becoming more power-hungry, necessitating the need for efficient and portable charging solutions.

Emerging Trends:

  1. High-capacity Power Banks: As the demand for power-hungry devices like tablets and laptops increases, there is a growing trend towards high-capacity power banks that can provide extended charging capabilities. These power banks often feature large battery capacities and multiple output ports to cater to the needs of tech-savvy users.
  2. Wireless Charging Power Banks: The advent of wireless charging technology has revolutionized the way we charge our devices. Wireless charging power banks have gained popularity, offering a cable-free and hassle-free charging experience. These power banks are compatible with smartphones and other devices that support wireless charging.
  3. Eco-friendly Power Banks: With a growing emphasis on sustainability, eco-friendly power banks have emerged as a notable trend. These power banks are built using recycled materials and feature energy-efficient technologies, minimizing their environmental impact. As consumers become more conscious of their carbon footprint, the demand for eco-friendly power banks is expected to rise.

Future Prospects: The mobile power bank industry holds immense potential for further growth and innovation. Several factors are expected to shape its future:

  1. Advancements in Battery Technology: The development of more efficient and compact batteries will lead to the creation of power banks with higher energy densities, allowing for longer-lasting charges in smaller form factors.
  2. Integration of Power Banks in Smart Devices: In the future, we might witness the integration of power banks directly into smartphones, wearables, and other portable devices. This integration could eliminate the need for external power banks, offering a seamless and integrated charging experience.
  3. Expansion of Untapped Markets: The mobile power bank market is expanding beyond urban areas, with a significant potential for growth in rural and developing regions. Increasing smartphone penetration in these regions, coupled with limited access to electricity, creates a favorable market for mobile power banks.

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The mobile power bank industry has revolutionized the way we stay connected in an increasingly mobile-dependent world. With the demand for portable power solutions on the rise, manufacturers are continually innovating to provide consumers with reliable, efficient, and convenient charging options. As technology evolves and consumer needs evolve with it, the mobile power bank industry is set to flourish, empowering individuals to stay connected wherever they go.