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Customized Deoxidizer 1. Silicon aluminum calcium alloy has a variety of deoxidizing components, with the characteristics of low melting point and fast diffusion, which can fully deoxidize and promote desulfurization. 2. Calcium based elements in Si Al CA alloy can effectively spheroidize inclusions in molten steel, change the morphology of inclusions, and thus play a role in purifying molten steel. 3. Si Al CA alloy is widely used in the process of rapid tapping before furnace and refining outside furnace, which can improve the smelting speed, shorten the smelting time and reduce the cost of steelmaking. 4. Silicon aluminum calcium alloy can replace 20% aluminum wire and 30% silicon calcium wire as final deoxidizer and alloying agent. In the smelting process, 1-1.5kg of alloy can be saved per ton of steel, 9-12kwh of power consumption can be saved, and the comprehensive cost can be saved by 5-8 yuan / ton of steel. 5. The silicon aluminum calcium alloy is easy to put in, smokeless, dust-free, tasteless and fluorine-free, and will not damage the health of operators. 6. The silicon aluminum calcium alloy does not absorb moisture, does not pulverize, has good stability and is easy to store. Silicon aluminum calcium alloy deoxidizer is suitable for smelting in electric furnace, converter and medium frequency furnace. It can replace aluminum wire, silicon calcium, silicon aluminum and calcium aluminate to better meet the deoxidation, desulfurization and refining requirements of molten steel. It is suitable for smelting hrb235, HRB335, HRB400 and other steel grades. Silicon aluminum calcium alloy has low melting point and rich alloy components. It can be quickly melted in molten steel to form a strong reducing atmosphere, which can effectively prevent the oxidation of metal elements and improve the metal recovery.Customized Deoxidizer website:http://www.shenglongtrading.co....m/industried-silicon