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My mum and i’s dinner tonight.

I’ll add prices (Australian) I shops at Cole’s for those who are Australian.

• Microwaveable Mexican rice $4
• Shredded lettuce - 500gram bag $2
• Canned corn - 410gram can $1.10
• Capsicum (bell peppers) only brought 1 but $3.90 per kgs
• Pickled onions - smallest jar I could find $1.50
• Mushrooms - 500gram bag already sliced $2.90
• Canned beetroot - was cheaper but mum and I like a particular brand $3.30
• And sliced chicken breast $8.90. Most expensive thing was chicken breast. I could have brought only 1 chicken breast as it would have been enough for mum and I but I didn’t know how much to get